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Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Cast Square Manhole
- Sep 12, 2017 -

Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Cast Square Manhole Basic Info

  • Model NO.: WF_JF

  • Casting Method: Directional Crystallization

  • Application: Machinery Parts

  • Material: Steel

  • Surface Roughness: Ra0.8

  • Certification: SGS, CE, RoHS, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008

  • Raw Material: Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, Qt500

  • Techincs: Casting

  • Factory: Over 15 Years′experience

  • Quality Control: 100% Inspected

Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Cast Square Manhole Product Description

Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Cast Square Manhole

2.Casting experience: 10years,OEM service available
3.Surface: blackening, galvanize, plating,painting,etc.
4.Material: QT, iron, steel
5.Technology: sand casting
6.Advantages: Delivery on time,  according to the demand for materials
7.Packing: wooden case or as your requirement. 
8.Deliverywithin 20 days after receiving last confirm information.
9.Production Capacity: Sand Casting 2000 tons per month,Investment Casting 120 tons per month.
10.Certification: ISO 9001:2008.

Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Casting Square Manhole

Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Casting Square Manhole 

Characteristics of our manhole cover:
 1. Material: cast gray iron, ductile iron.
 2. Shape: round, square, rectangle and triangle.
 3. Diameter: from 200mm to 1200mm.
 4. Weight: from 7kg to 154kg or according to customers\' requirment
 5. Packing: in wooden  pallet with plastic layer
 D400 Clear Opening 400mm  Casting manhole cover/cast iron manhole cover price
 Clear Opening: 390*390mm
 Frame size: 490*490mm
 Frame depth: 75
Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Casting Square Manhole 

 2. Detailed information of manhole cover
1) Various manhole cover made by GX Foundry strictly conform to standard and free from
sand holes, blowholes,distortion or any other defects
 a) Automatic machine lines
 b) Moulding boards
 c) Green sand with hand moulding
3)Guarantee: GX Foundry will replace any heavy duty castings that have been properly installed and broken in normal use,free of charge after receipt of the broken castings.

Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Covers
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Sand Casting manhole cover, Investment Casting manhole cover (Precision Casting/Lost-Wax Casting manhole cover).

MaterialTechnical Process
1Ductile iron
ASTM A 536-Gr.60-40-18,65-45-12,80-55-06,80-60-03;
Green-sand moulding
Resin-sand moulding
Lost foam cast
Shell-core cast
Electric-furnace smelting
2Grey iron
ASTM A48-No.20,25,30,35,40,45,50;
ASTM A126-Class A, Class B, Class C;
BS-Grade 150,180,220,260,300,350;
Green-sand moulding
Resin-sand moulding
Lost foam cast
Shell-core cast
Electric-furnace smelting
3Carbon steel
ASTM A216-Gr. WCB, Gr. WCA, Gr. WCC;
ASTM-415-205, 450-240, 485-275, 80-40;
DIN- GS-C25(1.0619), GS-38(1.0416),
GS-45(1.0446), GS-52(1.0552), GS-60(1.0558);
JIS-SC410, SC450, SC480, SCC5;
BS-A1, A2, A5;
NF-GE230, GE280, GE320, GE370
Soluble glass sand moulding
Resin-sand moulding
Lost wax casting
(Investment casting)
Lost foam cast
Shell-core cast
Electric-furnace smelting
4Stainless steel
ASTM-CF-8M, CF-8, CA-15, CA-40, 316, 304;
DIN-G-X6CrNi18 9(1.4308), G-X7Cr13(1.4001)
G-X20Cr14(1.4027), 1.4408;
JIS-SCS13, SCS 1, SCS 2, SCS 14A;
BS-304C15, 410C21, 420C29, 316, 304;
NF-Z6CND18.12M, Z6CN18.10M, Z12C13M, Z20C13M
Soluble glass sand moulding
Resin-sand moulding
Lost wax casting
(Investment casting)

Electric-furnace smelting
5Alloy steel
DIN-GS-40Mn5(1.1168), GS-20Mn5(1.1120);
GS-37MnSi5(1.5122), GS-34CrMo4(1.7220);
JIS-SCMn3, SCW480, SCSiMn2, SCCrM3, SCMnCR3;
UNS-J02505, J13048
NF-G20M6, G35CrMo4
Soluble glass sand moulding
Resin-sand moulding
Lost wax casting
(Investment casting)
Electric-furnace smelting Process:

OEM Ductile Cast Iron Drain Manhole Cover/Grey Iron Manhole Cover

 Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Casting Square Manhole 

  Itemmanhole covers
  Size  DN100-1000mm  
  Surface treatment  black painted, oil, painting
  Shape  square, round
  Material  ductile iron, cast iron, QT500 
  Heat Treatment   can be as your requirement.
  Advantages  Delivery on time,  according to the demand for materials
  Packing  wooden case or as your requirement. 
  Delivery  within 30 days after receiving last confirm information. 

Decorative Iron Sand Casting Manhole Cover for Cast Square Manhole.jpg