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Flared Type Tube Fittings Technical Requirements
- Nov 19, 2016 -

Flared type tube fittings technical conditions applicable to industrial equipment and commercial products of hydraulic and pneumatic systems in general use.

Yi、lingjian materials
(1) the manufacture of fitting materials should meet the actual use of pressure transmission medium requirements and piping systems.
(2) in addition to the recommended materials, production plants according to technological requirements, selection of other carbon steel materials, the tensile strength shall not be less than stated in the table.
(3) the user of stainless steel, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and other materials, consult with the manufacturer. Second, the structure and size of
When using the table column size and does not affect the performance of pipe joints, shape of the fitting can be determined by the manufacturer. But should avoid the connector body rapid changes in cross section. Flared type tube fittings